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Established in 2007 from our existing Arboricultural and forestry operations to supply locally sourced sustainable wood fuels, utilising materials from these operations to produce quality ready to burn fuel, seasoned and barn stored to maximise efficiency and quality, and with over 40years of experiance in producing and selling firewood as well as burning it ourselves we can guarantee the best product available.

All our firewood is sourced from trees and tree works locally by either removal of dead and dangerous trees or essential and routine maintenance works meaning the products are fully sustainable and do not directly destroy trees and woodlands for this purpose. Timber is traditionally seasoned outdoors for the first year then cut and barn stored until the moisture content is below 15%. This is then sold to all manner of customers both private and commercial for fuelling wood and chip burning energy solutions.

We also supply:

Alongside traditional firewood we also supply kindling for starting fires, wood chip of various grades including garden toppings and general wood mulch, timber chip without leaves or vegetation, this is stored, dried and sold for woodchip burners along with wood pellets, we also produce quantities of sawdust this again is stored under cover and ideal for pet bedding.
For the DIY'er we also have available by appointment parcels of fresh cut cordwood in random lengths and sizes for reducing down yourself, this is sold by in traditional cord measures and available as and when for customers to collect ex works.

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